January 5, 2018


“Take it,” Fishman said. From that starting point, the two women gathered other leftover high-end building materials, including porcelain tiles for the floor, wood for a vanity and a small piece of Caesarstone for the countertop. Fishman designed the new bathroom, and Fitzgerald hired a contractor, found through another school family, to build it. For $15,200, Fitzgerald got a sleek new bathroom with materials that Fishman, whose business is Designers Call, figures would have cost more than $19,000 if all the materials were purchased new. Before it was remodeled, the bathroom hadn’t been welcoming for a mother and her newborn. The tub was shallow, which was a problem for Fitzgerald, who is big on baths. It had a shower curtain and was surrounded by large tan tiles with brown grout, a popular look in the 1980s, but not now. A small vanity sat beneath a mirror and a cheap-looking stainless-steel…