December 23, 2017


In an effort to clean up Southland air, some of the dirtiest air in the nation, regulators are considering proposals that would put restrictions on fireplaces, according to a June 2 article in The Times: On the plus side, if you were thinking of taking out your existing fireplace to free up wall space, or to replace it with windows to improve your view or to allow light into the house, this could be a good excuse for that. (The full story is below.) Clean air plan OKd by Southland regulators If fully implemented, fireplace use could be severely restricted. Several officials express reservations about those parts of the proposal. By Janet Wilson, Times Staff Writer June 2, 2007 Southern California air regulators Friday approved a comprehensive clean air plan that, if fully implemented, could place stringent restrictions on home fireplaces. But individual elements of the plan, approved unanimously by…